VirtueMart Alternate Search

Alternate search plugin which permits excluion of certain VirtueMart categories from Joomla search.

The plugin allows searching of VirtueMart products including custom fields but excluding a list of comma separated category ID's.

The plugin is a replacement for the standard VirtueMart search plugin, useful for the case when you want to make one of more of your categories not showing up on search. For example you want to show up your sold items in the site, for historical reference and/or SEO reasons, but don't want to show them up in the site search results.


The plugin has an extra field compared with the standard VirtueMart search plugin, where you can enter a comma delimited list of category ID's you want to exclude from search results.

Be sure to unpublish the Search - Virtuemart plugin or VirtueMart Product plugin, and publish instead this one, showing up in plugin list as:

Search - VirtueMart Alternative search


version 4.2.2 - bugfixes and upgrades needed to compatibility to VirtueMart 4.2.2

version 4.0.12 - initial release


The plugin is compatible with VirtueMart 4. and tested and works on Joomla 3.10. and Joomla 4.*

Download it here

Use the search module anywhere in the site with a keyword wich should return one of the products from the Test category, for example "tests". If you don't see the Test product then the pludgin works. Is simple than that!