By Allon Moritz

The workshop starts with a short intorduction how custom fields got into the core. Then we will learn the concept of it and how we integrated it into the articles manager. After this chapter we start to dig around in a live installation. We will checkout the UI of fields and how to organize them. Additionally I will explain the different options of such a custom field.

Custom fields has also been integrated into the user and contact manager. I will explain how to use them in a way that a member of your site can edit her/his own custom field values in the profile and how they will show up in a list on the front through the contact manager. It is even possible to create custom fields for the contact form, this feature will also be explained.

After the user/contact part we will dive into the layout and override chapter. Through layout overrides you will be able to fully adapt custom fields to your web site layout. I will show you how JLayouts are used in custom fields and which ones you need. At the end you will learn how ACL and multilanguage is supported and a short introduction about you can manage the custom fields through plugins.

More about Allon ...
In 2007 published Allon Moritz his first Joomla extension in the JED. It began as hobby and in 2015, Allon Moritz did found the Digital Peak GmbH company ( which specializes in Joomla extension development. Allon Moritz, aka laoneo, helps actively in the development of the Joomla CMS on Github. For example the custom fields functionality is done by him. Currently he is a member of the "Production Department Team", leads the media manager team and is porting the Joomla CMS to namespaces in the Joomla 4 working group.